5 Ways To Promote Businesses In The Local Community

Posted on: 20 January 2015

As you open a small business, you will quickly realize that the community and people around you will be your main source of support to keep the business going. Reaching out to the local community can help expand your presence, increase branding awareness, and build a customer base as quickly as possible.

The following five methods can easily apply to any small business and are great ways to get your foot off the ground.

Promotional Products

Everyone loves a good freebie and you can use promotional products to help entice customers and get your brand out there. There are hundreds of different products to choose from. The following examples all feature plenty of space to place your business logo and contact information.

  • Pens: Writing utensils serve as ideal ways for a business to get a little brand exposure. A number of pens are available including gel pens, pens with different colored inks, and pens with a stylus built into them.
  • Water Bottles: Water bottles can help you gain business exposure at gyms, sporting events, or offices. A variety of finishes include plastic and aluminum bottles. Research to find the best reusable water bottles for drinking.


Highlight your new business with eye-catching banners that will gain attention from the local community. There are many ways to utilize banners and get your business out there. Click here for more information on designing banners for your business.

  • Grand Opening: Celebrate a grand opening with a large banner to declare it. This will help welcome guests into your business and help them understand that it is completely open to the public. You can choose a banner that simply states "Grand Opening" or add extras on it like your business name or sale prices.
  • Contact Information: Use banners to offer additional contact information. This includes the website or phone number of your business. Making it easy to connect will help customers feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Sponsored Banners: Reach out to the community to help sponsor a variety of banner creations. This includes areas like children's sports and local parades. Along with the basic information, you can add your logo to the bottom of the banner.

Special Events

Reach out to the community by attending or holding a variety of special events. Check out the examples of events and see how they can apply to your business and community.

  • Community Carnivals: Consider opening a booth at a community carnival, yard sale, or other large event. This is also a great way to implement banners and promotional products at the same time.
  • Parades: Sponsor a float in a parade to help draw attention of guests. The side of the float can feature your logo and the theme of the float can even relate directly to your business.
  • Business Special Events: Host special events at your business to gain interest from the community. Examples include an open house or sampling event. Offering exclusive community perks like local discounts can help draw crowds to the events too. Charity events can also help draw in customers. This includes food collection drives or coat donations in the winter.

Traditional Media

Classic media outlets still provide great ways to reach a large customer base and get your name out there. This includes local newspapers, community magazines, or local television ads. Determine the type of budget you have available for marketing and then use the resources available to create a variety of ads and promotions.

Digital Social Groups

Having a presence online is a great way to reach out to customers. Take it one step further by doing a little research and finding the best local community groups to join. This includes groups based on your local town, surrounding area, or discount groups.

The key to joining local groups like this is by not immediately promoting your business, but building a communication base. Comment on local news, answer questions, and share information. By building the trust in the community, you can help build your customer base.

Taking these important steps will open you up in the community and allow your business to thrive in the best possible ways.