Moving For Work? 2 Things You Should Ask Your Employer To Pay For

Posted on: 12 February 2015

Has your boss recently asked you to move for work? Once you hear the words "relocation package," you might be ready to sign on the dotted line and schedule your move with the corporate movers. However, that package might be more all-inclusive than you think. Here are two things you should ask your employer to pay for, and how they can help you later:

1: A House Finding Trip

When you find out you will be moving to a new place, you might whip out your computer and start scouring satellite images of the area. However, after hours of reading school reviews and looking around neighborhoods, you might find that you really don't know that much about your new location.

Fortunately, about 59% of employers will pay for house finding trips. These trips are basically all-inclusive retreats to your prospective city, so that you can take care of important business. Here are a few things you might be able to do if your employer will pay for a house finding trip:  

  • Scout Out Neighborhoods: Instead of trying to discern the good parts of the city from the bad, you can actually drive through different areas to find what you are looking for. By zeroing in on a location, you can work with local realtors to start looking for a house that meets your criteria.
  • Visit Your New Office: While you are in town, you can visit your new office to meet your potential co-workers. You might be able to decide if you will feel comfortable in your new space, so that you don't end up regretting your decision.   
  • Check Your Commute: Using online map software can only tell you so much about your new commute. However, when you visit your new city, you can check out the commute in real-time, so that you can understand traffic patterns and timetables.
  • Discover the Nightlife: While you are in town, you can also explore the local social scene. By taking a trip downtown and discovering the nightlife, you can see what your new city has to offer.

If you have been asked to move for work, insist on going on a house-finding trip. You might be able to use the experience to get the ball rolling on your move, which will streamline the entire process. 

2: Expenses Tied to Selling Your House

After you get a good feel for how much houses are in your destination city, you might be ready to put your house on the market. Unfortunately, you might be surprised with how many expenses are tied to selling your place. Here are a few things you should ask your employer to pay for, so that your relocation doesn't cost more than it needs to:

  • Losses: What will you do if your home is worth less now than when you paid for it? Ask your employer to pay the difference between what you bought your home for and what you have to sell it for, since you didn't choose the timetable.
  • Professional Cleaning: Before you move, you will have to clean your home from top to bottom. However, if you are short on time, you might need a hand. Ask your employer to pay to have your home professionally cleaned, so that you can focus on getting your stuff from point A to point B.
  • Closing and Realtor Costs: Between closing and realtor costs, you might end up with thousands of dollars worth of unplanned expenses. Ask your employer to foot the bill for transaction fees, so that you don't end up in the red.  

Understanding which items your employer might pay for could help you to make the transition a little easier, so that you can enjoy your new surroundings.