Should You Sell Your Furniture Before Moving Out Of State? Five Questions To Help You Decide

Posted on: 5 March 2015

Rather than throwing everything they own into a moving truck, some people sell everything and start over with a new style at their new destination. While selling everything may be cumbersome and unrealistic, you should think about strategically getting rid of some of your biggest items – your furniture.

To see if getting rid of your furniture is right for your situation, work through the following five questions:

1. Is the cost of moving the item worth more than the item itself?

If you have an old couch that is threadbare and stained, the cost of moving it to another state is likely more than the value of the couch itself. In that case, rather than spending money renting a large moving truck to haul something that is virtually worthless, just save the space and get rid of the item in question. However, it is not just worthless furnishings you should consider getting rid of.  

2. Can you make enough money selling the item to buy a replacement?

In addition to getting rid of worthless items, consider selling furniture that can command decent prices.That way, you can set aside the money from the sale of the furniture and use it to buy similar items in your new location. However, remember that used furniture may not be readily available in every case.

3. Are there ample amounts of used furniture in your new location?

Before assuming you can find used furniture in your new destination, take a look at the used sales websites for those areas. Look at pricing and availability. In large towns or cities, shoppers can typically find whatever they need, but if you are moving to a small community, you may struggle to find items in a timely fashion.

If you are moving somewhere where quality used furnishings aren't easy to find, you are likely to have to pay to have furniture shipped or driven to your new home. In that case, buying new furniture at your new location isn't cheaper than moving your current furniture there on a truck, and you should probably just take your current furniture with you.

4. Can you live without that piece for  few weeks or months?

If the new location looks like it has a great selection of used furniture, you can start paring down your current furnishings. Before selling anything, make sure you can live without it for a few weeks. Most people can live without a dining table for a few weeks, but for other furnishings, you may have to get creative.

If you get rid of living room furniture, put beds in the living room, sit on the floor or use folding camp chairs. If you get rid of beds, consider camping cots, sleeping bags or air mattresses for a few weeks. If you absolutely cannot live without a piece of furniture, do not sell it. You don't want your experience at your new home to start on the wrong foot.

5. Do you have time and extra money to shop when you get there?

Finally, you have to consider your time and resources on the other end of your journey. If you sell your furniture, you have to invest a bit of time upfront, listing the furniture and finding a seller, but on moving day, you won't have to worry about the hassle of moving furniture. Additionally, you won't have to pay for a super large moving truck[,] as you will be able to fit your items in a smaller truck.

However, you will have to invest extra time at your destination. If you keep your furniture, you (or the movers) simply move it from the truck to your new home. If you don't bring it with you, you get to skip that step, but you have to spend some time shopping.

Asking yourself these questions can help you decide whether to take your furniture with you when you move long distance. Click here to read more tips and ideas about long distance moving.