Holidays & Storage: 5 Tips For Organizing Items All Year Long

Posted on: 30 October 2015

Whether it's for your home or business, decorating for the holidays becomes a yearly task. Along with winter holidays like Christmas and New Year's, there are many other holidays throughout the year that you probably have decorations for. Instead of just shoving everything in a storage unit, you should stay as organized as possible. This will help you access items and be ready to decorate with ease. The following five tips make it easy to keep your storage unit organized and effectively accessible for any holidays you choose.

Rolling Cart Rotation System

Instead of keeping items in one place, you can avoid the Tetris-like puzzle of your storage unit and have your holiday items ready to access by using rolling carts. Rolling carts can hold multiple storage bins and allow you to easily rotate upcoming holidays to the front of the unit.

As you're setting up your unit, organize the holidays in a horseshoe pattern around the unit's opening. From left to right, the unit should follow in chronological order of the holiday year. As a new holiday approaches, you can simply roll the carts around so the next holiday is up front and ready to access.

Light Hooks

Lights are a big part of many holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. Tossing holiday lights into a box is asking for tangles and hours of extra time to undo them. Keep lights untangled and ready for home hanging by equipping your storage unit with wall hooks.

By hanging the hooks high, the lights and dangle and hang without getting tangled. Purchase different colored hooks to represent holidays. For example, you can purchase green hooks for Christmas and orange hooks for Halloween. For even more organization, you can wrap lights around coat hangers before hanging them on the hooks. This provides extra ways to separate lights and prevent tangles.

Wrapping Paper Bins

Whether it's for Christmas, Mother's Day, or a random birthday, wrapping paper is often needed through the year. Instead of constantly purchasing new rolls, you can keep them organized in your storage unit.

Flat storage bins allow you to evenly place rolls and organize them. When choosing bins, select completely solid-colored ones. This will help prevent discoloration and aging of the wrapping paper. Use multiple bins to separate different holidays so you can easily retrieve the paper that you need.

Printable Section Labels

Instead of guessing what section belongs to each holiday, you can print out festive labels to associate with each holiday. For example, on a Halloween sign, you can include symbols like pumpkins and witches. This help you easily find the areas and associate them with various symbols.

Take the signs one step further by creating both "interior" and "exterior" signs. For example, if you have lawn decorations for the Fourth of July, then you can label the bin as an exterior Fourth of July bin.

Quick Access Clearance Bins

As each holiday ends, shoppers can often find a variety of clearance items for sale. This allows you to stock up cheaply on a variety of decorations and goods to use the next year. As you shop, you can easily drop the items off at your storage unit.

Place a bin towards the front of your storage unit. As you purchase items, you can easily toss them in the bins and then organize them the next time you take a long visit to the unit. The bin can also remind you of items that you recently purchased so they don't get lost in the mix.

As you develop a flow for your unit, it will be easy to organize and access items for each holiday. Using one or more of these tips with your own solutions can easily make each holiday decorating session go as smoothly as possible.

For more tips on how to effectively and safely store your things, reach out to a local storage unit company, like I-70 Self Storage.