3 Tips On Restoring Your Furniture

Posted on: 6 April 2016

When you need to restore a piece of furniture, you will be able to do so as long as you follow some words of advice. These tips will give you the opportunity to restore the shine, charm and appeal of any type of furniture piece so that it can once again retain value and become a centerpiece of any room in your home. To do this, it will take some understanding and savvy about the process, so read on in order to get the restoration that you need. 

#1: Be Certain That You Have The Time And Resources To Undergo Such A Project

Whether you are handling the furniture restoration yourself or leaving it in the hands of professionals, it will take a sacrifice of time and money on your part. It will take some legwork to find tools and parts if you are doing it yourself, and you must find the right craftsman for the job if you hire professionals. In handling your own restoration, it can take hours just to sand the piece and days to get rid of rust. Always make sure that you are deciding on the best course of action regarding whether to replace or refinish a piece of furniture, and recognize the sacrifice. 

#2: Get Rid Of Water Stains First

Since water is penetrative to the finish of your furniture, you will need to be vigilant about getting rid of these stains before they become bigger issues. If you are dealing with tough stains, you may need to get your hands on some denatured alcohol. If the rings have turned black then you are dealing with wood damage and will need to replace the finish that surrounds it. Always tackle these stains before proceeding with any furniture restoration, or hire a professional who is skilled at this part of the process. 

#3: Find The Best Professional If You Decide To Go That Route

If you decide to leave your specialty furniture restoration to professionals, be sure that you take the time to hire only the best contractors who are used to dealing with the most sensitive, costly pieces of furniture. Be sure that you also shop based on the price that you can afford. The hourly rate for one of these professionals can vary from $32 per hour to $48 per hour. Always get a warranty on the work so that you are protected. 

Follow these techniques in order to get the most of your furniture restoration needs.