Growing A New Business? Top Three Ways To Attract Great Employees

Posted on: 13 September 2016

One of the biggest problems facing new small business owners today is the difficulty in finding and recruiting good candidates to help grow their business. With top talent in high demand, business owners can have trouble competing for the attention of the candidates they want to attract. If your business is ready to hire some great employees but having difficulty standing out from the crowd, the following tips can help make you more visible to potential team members.

Use social media to showcase your company's best assets

Today's best employees are well-versed in the use of all the major social media platforms and use them routinely to stay in touch with others in their field. By establishing and promoting a positive social media message about your company's culture, you can gain the attention of qualified employee prospects. To do this effectively, make sure that your company is well-represented on major social media channels with a positive message by encouraging current employees and staff to take part in social media campaigns.

Hold key events at your business several times each year

A great way to bring potential hires to you is to have your company host or sponsor events that are specifically interesting to your industry and the employees who work in it. For instance, if your company is technology based, hosting a popular, well-versed speaker on the subject as a free event can encourage potential employees to attend. To make these events as productive as possible, business owners should:

  • use social media to spread the word about your event
  • offer refreshments during the event and offer useful swag imprinted with your company's logo and key information, such as mouse pads, coffee mugs, or coasters
  • ask attendees to sign up to receive information about upcoming events and industry news as a relationship building step
  • follow up with each attendee after the event with a request for feedback about the event and include information about possible openings coming available in your company

Work with a professional staffing agency

Another often-overlooked tool for finding great employees is to work with a professional staffing agency, such as Bishop & Company Inc. Because these agencies pre-screen applicants, they can help you avoid bad hires and ensure that only well-matched prospects are chosen for your company's openings.

When working with a staffing agency, consider hiring temporary workers first as a way of getting to know each candidate before asking them to become a permanent member of your team.