Moving But Want To Lease Your House For A Couple Years? What To Do

Posted on: 14 September 2016

If you are considering renting out a house that you live in while you take a job in another city for a year or longer, managing the property while you're away may not be as easy as you think. Instead of trying to take care of all the problems while you're away, it may be best to reach out to professionals in your area for help. Here are a few of the reasons why you want to contact a property management company before you head out of town.

Lease Agreements

The property management company should have lease agreements on hand that will protect you legally and that will outline the agreement between you and the person renting the property. In the agreement will be the cost that the renter is supposed to pay, what they pay if the rent is late, and the terms of how they should treat the property. If the renter doesn't follow the lease or there are issues with the rent, the property management team will help you file the legal paperwork accordingly to get rid of the tenant.


You can put in the lease that the property management company can do regular inspections on the property. This means that they can go in on the agreed upon dates to make sure there aren't any major complications with the property and to do an inventory check. You may want to do this twice or three times during the terms of the lease if they are willing to agree. You especially need an inspection after a tenant has moved out and before a new tenant moves in.

Emergency Attention and Care

If there is a structural problem with the house or any other type of emergency, you don't want to trust the renter to take care of it or leave them with the burden of managing the issue. Instead, you'll have the property management company to deal with a flooded basement, a broken toilet, a power outage and more. This is crucial since you have an obligation to keep the rental property livable while you are away.

If you are moving and you want to return to your house so you want to rent it out instead of putting it on the market for sale, contact a property management company to help you get started. They can help you set the rent, find the tenants, and care for the property when you're gone.