Practical Lighting That Will Enhance The Beauty Of A New Countertop

Posted on: 26 July 2019

Onyx is a natural stone that is translucent when light is filtered through it. This stone is a popular choice for countertops that are installed in a kitchen, den, or bathroom. LED light panels that are integrated with the stone will provide a counter with an alluring ambience, and the surface can be used to display decorative pieces in the room that it has been installed in.

There Are Several Ways To Upgrade A Room

Where will an illuminated countertop look best in your home? If the counters in the kitchen are dated and have scratches on their surface, a brand-new onyx counter that contains LED panels will be appreciated, and you may enjoy food preparation and serving duties more than you have in the past. A counter isn't just a work surface, however. It can be used to display that beautiful knife and butcher block set that you received as a gift or to complement a vaseful of fresh-cut wildflowers.

An illuminated counter that is installed in your den could be used to display your highschool trophies, artwork collection, or a fancy teapot and cup set. And, finally, if you decide to have this type of counter installed in your bathroom, set all of the items that you use to get ready for the day, across the countertop.

The added lighting will help you locate items easily, and at night, you can turn the lighting on so that you can find your way into a room when it is dark in the rest of your home. This will eliminate the need to turn on lighting that utilizes high-wattage bulbs.

LED Panels Can Be Used To Illuminate Additional Areas

If you want to add more lighting to the area where the countertop will be installed, consider having LED panels added to a backsplash or a portion of the wall that is adjacent to the counter. Panels are small and can installed in areas where traditional lighting wouldn't fit. Choose a design that will allow the panels to blend in with the sheetrock, woodwork, or tiling that is going to be illuminated.

If you choose to have panels added to a counter and additional features, you control how much lighting is used each day. If you are not going to be using a countertop for food preparations or storage for the time being, simply light up the area that surrounds the counter. For applications that involve your constant attention and plenty of light, turn on all of the LED light panels. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers illuminated countertops