Take Your Annual Meeting Up A Notch With Corporate Plaque Awards

Posted on: 26 July 2019

Does your business have an all-staff meeting at least once a year? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to recognize your top performers. But if you want your employees to really appreciate the occasion, you might want to give them more than just high praise. Provide your chosen winners with a set of elaborately designed corporate plaque awards and you'll make it an occasion to remember for everyone. Here's why you should contact a corporate plaque supplier today.

Create Milestones to Drive Future Growth

Look through your sales records and see if there are any employees who have hit certain milestones. Something like their 100th or 1,000th successful sale could be a good start. Create a plaque for each employee who has hit the chosen milestone and present the awards to everyone as a group at the banquet. You could also maybe toss in a financial bonus along with the plaque. 

Doing this could help your business create future growth. Once the milestone sales level has been set, the other employees will have something to shoot for. By this time next year, you could be looking to give out awards to a much higher number of people, and your business will obviously benefit over the next 12 months from the added hustle.

Recognize Career Achievements

Do you have a lot of veteran employees who have been with you from the start? Perhaps a long-time employee is finally retiring? Regardless of the reason, you might be interested in honoring or calling special attention to someone's years of service. A corporate plaque designed by a professional could be a good going-away present for someone who finally heading off into the sunset.

Have Fun With It

Of course, not everything has to be super serious at the office banquet or end-of-year wrap-up. Remember those funny things you voted on for the high school yearbook? The student most likely to...do a lot of different zany things? Why not have a little bit of fun with your employees and give out a few unexpected awards that call attention to someone's sense of humor or other attributes. Keep it clean and professional, of course, but there's no reason why you can't have a little bit of fun on banquet night.

Awarding corporate plaque awards is a great way to motivate other employees and acknowledge the tremendous achievements accomplished by your employees. Contact a plaque supplier today to get started.