What Is A Chilling Incubator?

Posted on: 21 October 2019

Generally, when people hear the word incubator, they think of something that will keep its content nice and warm. For example, eggs are stored in incubators to help them hatch. Premature babies are also put in incubators to help them moderate their body temperature while they are getting stronger. However, that's not the only kind of incubator there is. There is also a kind of incubator called a chilling incubator. 

Chilling Incubator

Instead of warming things up, a chilling incubator keeps the temperature inside under room temperature, which averages at about 72° F. Depending on how big the incubator is or how powerful it is, the temperature can range from around 40°-70°, which would keep it in between the average temperature of a refrigerator and room temperature, or the chilling incubator can get the temperature even lower, depending on what is going inside it and what the purpose is. There are a lot of reasons to use a chilling incubator. 


Many chilling incubators are programmable. Because they are programmable, they can cycle up and back from two different set temperature points that you decide on. There are various processes that need to have that cycle through various temperatures in order to make sure that they happen the way that they are supposed to. A programmable chilling incubator will let the user set the program to go for a long time without the user having to check on it regularly. That will let the user go on to do other things while the contents of the incubator are doing their thing. 


A chilling incubator can also act as long-term storage for certain things. There are a lot of things, like oocytes, which have to be kept at a certain temperature while they are being stored. The chilling incubator will make sure that the temperature stays at the right temperature, and it will hold the temperature as long as necessary. The right unit will also be vibration-free, so it won't damage any delicate contents, no matter what those contents are or how long they are in the incubator. 

While most people only think of incubators as something that gets hot, the fact is that there are other kinds of incubators that have different jobs to do. One of them is a chilling incubator, and without one of those, there are things that can't be done the way that they should. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Revolutionary Science.