What Exactly Is Done During A Septic Pumping Service?

Posted on: 5 December 2019

If you have moved into your first home with a septic tank and your septic tank needs to be pumped, you may find yourself wondering what exactly happens during this process. Pumping the waste out of your septic tank is not all that occurs. Here are some of the steps that are followed during a septic pumping service appointment. 

Locating the Septic Tank Lid

Before septic tank pumping can begin, the septic tank lid must be located. Many homeowners, particularly new homeowners, do not know where their septic tank lid is located. The lid must be at least five feet away from your home and is buried no more than two feet below the ground. A pumping service can use a thin metal probe to probe your outdoor space and find the lid. Once the lid has been located, take pictures or create a map so it will be easier to locate next time. 

Measuring the Waste in the Septic Tank

After the lid has been removed, a septic pumping service will measure the amount of waste in the septic tank. This is important as it helps to determine how close to full the tank is. This affects whether you may need to have the tank pumped sooner in the future or whether you can go a little bit longer between pumpings. 

Muck-Raking and Pumping the Tank

After the waste level has been measured, the pumping process begins. A pump is inserted into the tank which pumps away liquid and waste. As this is happening, the septic pumping services uses a tool called a muck-rake to break up chunks of waste and debris and remove debris that may be caked onto the walls of the tank. This process continues until the tank is empty. 

Cleaning the Septic Tank

Once the waste is removed from the tank, pressurized water and cleaners can be used to clean the tank. This helps to remove anything remaining in the tank that may be stuck to the walls of the tank and ensures you start off with a fresh, clean septic system. The leftover water and cleaner are pumped out, and the process of pumping and cleaning your septic system is complete. 

It is important that your septic tank is routinely cleaned. The frequency in which the septic tank needs to be pumped and emptied will vary based on the size of your tank, the size of your home, the number of people living in your home, and the amount of waste that your home produces. Failing to have your tank pumped before it gets too full can lead to your tank overflowing or waste not draining properly from your home. Contact a septic pumping service today to schedule an appointment to have your tank pumped.