What to Look for in an Aircraft Engine Stand

Posted on: 27 July 2020

If you work on aircraft engines a lot, then you'll need a safe and effective way to transport them. That's where aircraft engine stands can help. They'll help you move these large parts around and give you peace of mind the entire time. Finding one of these important devices can be easy too if you look for these things in particular.

1. Swivel Casters

Once an aircraft's engine is positioned on the stand correctly, you want to have an easy time maneuvering it around. This is entirely possible if the stand has swivel casters on the bottom. Unlike traditional wheels that remain in one position, these wheels can move in all directions. The added flexibility makes it easy to move this stand with an engine on it in any direction you want. The swivel casters are particularly handy when moving around tight corners and objects. 

2. Sturdy Welded Steel Construction

Since this stand will be supporting a lot of weight at one time, you need to have confidence that it can hold up under these extreme circumstances. You can feel great about this when you get a stand with sturdy welded steel construction. Important areas on this stand will have high-quality welds, which help ensure the sections don't suffer total failure when aircraft engines are on top of them. You'll then be able to use the engine stand with a lot more confidence because you know it can take whatever you throw at it.

3. Powder Coat Finish

Engine stands for the aircraft industry are not cheap by any means. You thus want to protect this investment any way you can, which is possible if you make sure the stand comes with a powder coat finish. It will give the stand extra durability and let you leave these stands exposed to the elements outside. Whether the stand gets wet or dirty, the powder coat will act as a protective shield that keeps the stand from breaking down or rusting. You'll thus be able to get many years out of this stand and not have to worry about a costly replacement. 

In the aircraft fabrication and repair industry, engine stands are an important resource to rely on. They'll help you move these stands safely and efficiently. Just make sure you find an engine stand that comes with the right features. You then won't ever have to second-guess its performance or structural integrity.

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