Making A Long Distance Move? Tips For Planning A Successful Move

Posted on: 28 October 2020

Relocating your home and family for any reason is a major life change that can be difficult. If the move is a long-distance one, just thinking about how you will safely get all your furnishings and household goods from your current location to your next one can add to the stress. 

Like most important tasks, taking the time to make a careful plan is the best way for families to maintain control and enjoy the best possible experience. 

Take time to create a detailed timeline

The first step in simplifying any moving process is the creation of a detailed timeline. Using the planning tools of your choice (computer spreadsheets, favorite planner app, or just paper and pencil), plan each step of the move and then itemize the exact steps you will need to accomplish in order to keep the process on track. 

Reduce the number of items to be moved

Once you have created a detailed timeline for your long-distance move, the next step should be to see if you can streamline the moving process. The most effective way to do this is to eliminate any items that you do not need or plan to use in your new home. To begin this reduction effort, take a careful look at each room and area of your home, including the garage and outdoor spaces.

Sort through the items stored in each area with a goal of weeding out any items that are outgrown, need repair, and those that you no longer need or use. Set these items aside and then donate, sell, or recycle them, as needed. 

Be diligent about labeling and staging packed boxes

Whether you plan to use professional packing services provided by your moving company or will be packing your own boxes, taking time to label and stage the packed boxes is important. As you pack and label, stage the sealed boxes in the order of how you will need them when you arrive at your destination. The most important items should be loaded last to ensure they will be unloaded first at the new home. 

Hire a mover and secure your desired date asap

Selecting a good professional moving service should be done as soon as possible after your move plans are confirmed. Moving companies are most in-demand during the summer months so you will need to keep that in mind as you plan the move. 

To learn more ways in which you can make your move as successful and stress-free as possible, take time to discuss your moving situation with a long-distance moving service in your area.