2 Ways Chain Link Fences Can Enhance Home Security

Posted on: 26 October 2021

There are many options that homeowners have when it comes to bolstering the security of their homes. Some homeowners install security cameras and motion alarm systems, while others may use security personnel or their trusty guard dog. Whatever you choose, there's no question that there is one more option that has truly stood the test of time. Fences are an ever-popular solution for securing one's home. Gone are the days when picket fences were your only option. Now, modern fence styles and materials dominate the fencing landscape. In particular, chain link fences are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. For homeowners who are considering the use of fencing to protect their family, pets, and property, here are two ways that chain link fences can enhance home security.

They're More Durable Than Wooden Fencing

Chain link fences are made of interlocking metal wires. This interlocking pattern creates a structure that can withstand a significant amount of force. A vinyl coating is applied on top of the metal, increasing the fence's durability even further. Needless to say, there is little threat of most things breaching your chain link fence. In addition, these fences are typically made of galvanized metal, which makes them highly resistant to signs of atmospheric corrosion such as rust. Chain link fences are also do not rot due to pests and exposure to the elements.

On the other hand, wooden fencing does not have the benefit of corrosion resistance and strength that metal has. Wood fences are much less capable of resisting physical impact and are highly reliant on their coating for other forms of resistance. Uncoated wood can last as little as four years, while treated wood will often last up to 20 years. Unlike chain link fences, wooden fences are highly susceptible to rotting caused by ground moisture, weather, and pests. These hazards can reduce the lifespan of a wooden fence by up to three years.

They Offer More Visibility Than Wooden Fencing

Because chain link fences are made of thin and interwoven metal wires, they allow for maximum visibility of what's going on outside of the fence. This feature grants homeowners the opportunity to see and prepare for any imminent threats before they arrive. This benefit also extends the effective range of any additional established security measures, such as security cameras or motion detectors.

On the other hand, wood fencing typically relies on the strength generated by tightly woven planks. These thick planks allow for limited visibility through the fence. While this may be great for privacy, that is not necessarily the case for security. Low visibility fencing allows bad actors to close in and eavesdrop from just beyond the fence while the homeowner is none the wiser.

When a homeowner is seeking a fencing solution that offers durability, visibility, and overall enhanced security, chain link fencing is a great choice. Contact companies like Houston Automatic Gates to learn more.