Is Your Organization In Need Of Managed IT Services?

Posted on: 31 January 2022

Is your organization exploiting Information Technology (IT)? If it's not, you are missing out. IT is associated with many benefits, including access to uncapped information, streamlined communication, improved banking, and waste reduction. However, building an in-house IT department and team is costly and time-consuming since recruitment is necessary. But you can avoid that and still enjoy the benefits of Information Technology through managed IT services. Keep reading to learn more. 

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are offered by qualified providers to help organizations increase IT efficiency, boost uptime management, and cut in-house overhead. Generally, these services allow you to outsource IT tasks and responsibilities to service providers or vendors. You can use them to lighten the workload when your in-house team is overwhelmed, replace a poorly-performing department, or supplement a workforce that can't meet the IT demands of your business. Some of the services offered by managed IT companies include remote monitoring, hardware management, security penetration testing and threat hunting, cloud service management, and communications support.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services offer you the following benefits:

1.       Reduced sunk costs

Every organization with an in-house IT team incurs unrecoverable sunk costs. These include monthly salaries, insurance payments, employee benefits, and the expenses of maintaining an office. Not to forget, before your team can be outstanding, you have to invest in extensive training. That is the only way recruits can familiarize themselves with your company's processes and systems. You can avoid most of these costs by outsourcing IT services. Plus, doing that helps you save on the costs of training, licensing, consulting, and emergency repairs.

2.       Predictable spending

IT systems comprise several essential components, including computer hardware, software, data warehouses, databases, and telecommunication elements such as fiber optics. Investing in all these infrastructure and systems can be costly, plus they need experts to install and manage them. Plus, you are likely to encounter challenges predicting operating costs, especially when you make upfront IT investments to meet your company's needs. But when you outsource managed IT services, said expenses are consolidated into a fixed set of operating expenditures (OPEX). That way, you get to enjoy predictable spending and only get what you can utilize and afford.

3         Better response times

In this cutting-edge era, no business can afford to be slowed down by unexpected downtimes and other technical issues. But, since operational problems are often unavoidable, being prepared is key to ensuring your business is up and running at all times. Managed IT service providers help you do that by providing excellent support services all-day, every day if necessary. Therefore, when you work with them, rest assured your clients will receive the services they need even at night, during weekends, and on public holidays.