5 Ways To Improve The Parking Experience During Your Next Event

Posted on: 2 September 2022

The parking at your large event is the first impression many attendees will have. How can you ensure that their parking experience is the best it can be no matter the circumstances? Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Add Plenty of Signage

Signage is the first key to getting people calmly where they need to be. Use signs liberally from start to finish. There is almost no such thing as too much signage for drivers in unfamiliar situations. The parking garage or lot you use will have some of their own, but don't be afraid to complement it with more of your own. 

2. Augment with Staff

No matter how many signs you put up or how well they do their job, there will always be someone who needs to talk to a live person as well. Station staff in clear and obvious uniforms throughout the parking area — especially during peak arrival and departure times. Make sure they are well versed in the parking plan.

3. Use Planning Tools

Today's parking planners have a range of tools at their disposal. Make use of those which can help you and your guests pre-plan. For instance, something as simple as a map of the parking garage outlining key features (such as handicap parking) lets guests know what to expect. You might also offer digital reservations or ticket purchases to speed up the process and space plan. 

4. Have Backup Plans

The more prepared you are for the unexpected, the lower the impact on guests will be. Some common backup plans to consider include running out of spaces, security issues, not enough handicap spaces, or the need for a shuttle. Create contingency plans for common problems in coordination with the parking lot owner.

5. Consider Valet Service

The best way to minimize problems and maximize guest comfort is to use valets. If you can do this without charging extra (aside from tips), your guests will have the best experience possible. You also ensure safety, traffic control, and security. However, you still get the best bang for your buck if you offer valet service to a limited group of VIP or high-risk attendees or simply charge a little more for it. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning the best possible parking arrangement for your attendees? Begin by meeting with a special event parking lot or garage rental, such as 1112 Clay Street Garage, to learn more. With their experience and these tips, everyone will have better memories of their arrival and departure.